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New Member ... ;)

Postby CHUNG717 » Wed Jul 30, 2008 10:11 pm

Hiyaaa Everyone !!!!
My names Kaya and i just realised that my name for this site is so 'unoriginal', if 'unoriginal' is a word ?!?!?!

I am 15, 5"8 (Alexa's height :) ) and am looking to be the new Agyness Dean (career wise).

I am very tomboyish, i like to look as if i could climb a tree or punch someone in the face. I like vintage things, preppy long college scarves, satchels, blazers oh and Ray Bans. Beyond Retro and Topshop have to be the greatest shops on earth 8)

(((If anyone wants to talk about Alex Turner, i'll be happy :D He's so fit !!!!)))

How's everybody doing?
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