The MTV Host With Lots of Socks

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The MTV Host With Lots of Socks

Postby Admin » Sun May 17, 2009 7:22 pm

ALEXA CHUNG, the host of an as-yet-untitled show on MTV, which will debut in June.

Marni shoes with my favorite socks. I don’t like my feet, so with open-toe sandals, I often put socks on to mask the horrendousness. The shorts are old Levi’s; I’ve had them since I was 18. The blouse is Topshop. They left the security tag on it, and the alarm didn’t go off, so you can steal from Topshop and it will be O.K. Just joking! The necklace was originally Mawi, but I added things to it.


My style never really changes. I don’t like sexy clothes. I don’t like anything too tight. I like it all big and baggy and tomboyish. But now I’ve cut my hair off, and I feel like a small boy, so I’ve started wearing slightly sexier outfits.

Leopard print. I just bought my second vintage leopard-print jacket. Anything with stars or nautical stripes.

And dungaree dresses from the ’90s.

White or cream jeans. Chelsea boots. Anything by Charles Anastase. It makes me feel sick, I love him so much. All those silk, oversize shirts from Margaret Howell. A Mulberry bag — always. The navy schoolboy blazer with red piping from Luella’s fall collection. And an Alexander Wang dress. A tight black one that will make me look sexy with this hair. ... how_4.html
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Re: The MTV Host With Lots of Socks

Postby TonyStarr » Tue Apr 13, 2010 8:49 pm

I like how Alexa takes inexpensive items and make them trendy. It's funny that she wear socks with sandals because of not liking her feet. I bet a lot of girls are wearing this style and don't know the real reason why Alexa sport this style.
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