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Postby Admin » Sun Oct 22, 2006 12:28 pm

From model to the First Lady of Saturday morning TV, and in just three months. Yep, it's been a bit of a ride for Alexa Chung what with Busta Rhymes offering her his big ones, Razorlight being weird and fighting with Alex Zane...

So, have you enjoyed being a POPWORLD presenter?
'Yes, very much so, it's brilliant. It's really good fun and it's been better than I imagined it would be.'

What's the best thing about it?
'Getting to meet all the bands we have on the show, like Wayne Coyne from Flaming Lips and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Dirty Pretty Things and all the bands I love. Getting to meet them in real life is brilliant.'

Was it daunting, following Simon and Miquita and filling such a big role?
'It was, yeah, but it's something that you can't really think about because otherwise I would have freaked out. It didn't seem that scary because Alex and I get on really well. It's just us two nattering away but with cameras there.'

How has life changed since you took the job?
'I can't think that it's changed that much really. I guess it's exactly the same as it was except for now I get to meet lots of excellent people. I just bore my friends with nonsense about people from Razorlight.'

Do people ask for your autograph now?
'Yeah, occasionally. When I'm walking down the street with Alex girls swarm around him, taking his picture. I'm always stood there like an idiot, like a looser. I just get freaky people, strange old ladies. The kind of people who ask me for autographs end up giving me advice. I don't know what it is but I attract motherly tendencies within people. I was at a festival and this woman came up to me and asked for my autograph. Then she went, 'I think you need to talk more. If you could speak more that would be better because Alex does a lot of the talking.' The cheek!'

Do you not get more male attention?
'Not really, not that I've noticed. Maybe they're saying things behind my back when I walk by but my hearing's not that great.'

Who have you enjoyed interviewing most so far?
'Wayne Coyne, easily. He was just brilliant. I did The Big Ones with him and he just totally got it. Busta Rhymes, too. I was really scared of interviewing him, because I sat down and it was really uncomfortable. Usually you natter before the interview starts but I didn't have anything to say to him. The only thing I could think of was I like your watch, so I just said, 'I like your watch.' When we got into the swing of things it was really fun and he loved it. He said, 'Next time I'm going to show you my big ones.' Lostprophets was funny when I did the secretary character with them. They were being funnier than I was so I kept pissing myself at what they were saying.'

Who have you enjoyed interviewing the least?
'Razorlight, when Johnny decided he wasn't actually going to answer our questions. That was slightly disturbing. The funny thing about that was off camera they were so lovely. Then, as soon as the cameras were on, they just clammed up.'

Did Johnny actually walk off, because it looked like he did?
'No not at all. He actually said, 'Sh*t, I'm really sorry about that.'

Who are you wanting on the show soon?
'I want to interview The Strokes, Raconteurs and, er, who else? I'd like Kings Of Leon to rock up in the studio.'

That's if Shayne Ward bogs off. How many times has he been on?

'Aww, he's sweet. He was on, like, five consecutive shows.'

How have you and Alex changed POPWORLD?
'Oh, yikes. I don't know. I hope we've brought our own personalities to it.'

Do you get on as well as it seems you do on screen, or do you never talk when the cameras are off?
'He's, like, my total favourite new friend, he's brilliant. I was thinking over the summer break we won't see each other but we've been chatting every day and hanging out.'

Do you ever get people thinking you're an item?
'I'm usually with my boyfriend so I guess that kind of wipes that one out. I mean, occasionally people will be like, 'Oh, you two,' but we're just mates. We're usually more inclined to beat each other up. He's properly my brother.'
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