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60 SECONDS: Alexa Chung

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Former model Alexa Chung is best known for her work presenting irreverent Channel 4 music show Popworld alongside Alex Zane but has also starred in pop videos for Westlife and The Streets. She makes the leap on to ITV prime time tomorrow night, where she will be starring in topical sketch show Get A Grip opposite veteran comedian Ben Elton.

You’re going from Channel 4 mornings to ITV evenings. Is that a big leap?
It’s scripted by Ben and I went to the audition as an actress. We’re poking fun at things, so it’s not that hugely different to what I’ve done on Popworld. Ben’s got quite a young mindset anyway. ITV’s different to Channel 4 but this isn’t the really straight stuff I’d associate ITV with. I love presenting Popworld and T4, I love TV for young people and being a bit cheeky but equally I’d like to move into acting and comedies or sitcoms. This is a step in the right direction.

You and Ben Elton are an odd combination, aren’t you?
That’s the nature of Get A Grip – they wanted to pitch his grumpy old man against someone younger. I can’t think of other shows that have that dynamic – it’s a hilarious version of Lost In Translation.

Who is your dream male co-presenter?
Maybe a midway point between Ben, who is older and wiser, and Alex Zane, who makes it all up but is equally funny. I get to work with two comedians, so every day is really fun. My taste in men is unpredictable and confuses me. I like Jake Gyllenhaal but then again I used to think that Richard Madeley was hot. When you’re ten and watching the TV, I guess you fancy anyone, really.

What are the best bits of being a model?

Travelling and, er, travelling. There weren’t many. Seeing the lovely clothes was nice but not being able to keep them wasn’t. I went to Japan, New York, all around Europe and learned how to stand on a mark for an hour while people looked at Polaroids and didn’t talk to me. I’ve also got a really good knowledge of London through having to walk between shoots and agents. I could do The Knowledge. I could walk my way from Kensal Rise to Clerkenwell via Golders Green.

You had to snog Holly Valance in one of her videos. How was that?
It was on the same day my AS-level results came out, so I was more worried about that than having to get it on with Australia’s latest pop sensation. I got two As and two Bs. The worst video I did was for Rooster. They cut me out. Three models had to pretend to be the band’s girlfriends but, halfway through the day, someone realised the lyrics were about how they hated their girlfriends and how they were independent and could live without them. Thus, we were unnecessary and they axed us. I interviewed them on Popworld and reminded them.

My taste in men is unpredictable and confuses me. I used to think that Richard Madeley was hot

You were also in a Tampax advert. Does that mean you get loads of free Tampax?
No. I wanted to be paid in cash, not Tampax. What did you think was happening? That I could just go into shops and say: ‘I demand my free Tampax’?

No, I thought you might be on a mailing list.
Oh God. I can’t think of anything more depressing. No. I’ve had some good free stuff, though – phones, a Mulberry handbag and a pair of Ray-Bans.

What is the worst interview you’ve done on Popworld?
We don’t set out to be rude to people; it depends if they go along with it or not. James Morrison and Gwen Stefani didn’t get it at all. Panic! At The Disco were the worst. I corrected singer Brendon Urie’s grammar halfway through and then it all went a bit cold. He got pi**ed off after that. The clip is on YouTube and about 10,000 American kids have left comments saying: ‘Oh my God, who does she think she is? I hate the English.’ Which is amusing.

Let us in on some of your top interviewing tips.
Don’t annoy the interviewee and don’t butt in. I was interviewed by a girl yesterday who kept talking over me. I learned from that myself. Try to listen, smile and nod a lot. If it’s on the phone, just say ‘yep, yep, yep’ a lot. You’re not doing bad. Watch Alexa at work, interviewing sexy singer Jamelia

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