• Brown hair - Green eyes
• Height: 1m73 (5'8)
• Shoe: Size 6 UK
• Model, Actress & Presenter
• Measurements: (34-24-35)
• Born: 5 November 1983

The close up

Alexa Chung, TV presenter

What are you wearing today?

Some Balenciaga jeans that I fought over with my friend because we both wanted them. She did the sneaky and went back to buy them later. Every time we walk past Koh Samui [on Monmouth Street in London], we end up dropping literally hundreds of pounds in there. I've got really scrawny legs, but I have hips, so I can't find any jeans that fit me. When I tried these on, I nearly cried and then handed over the money. They were £160. My T-shirt is from my friend's band, and I bought my jacket in a thrift store. I'm obsessed with nautical things and it has gold buttons with anchors on. It makes me feel a bit like a sailor, or a public schoolboy, which is my favourite look in the whole world.

Where are your shoes from?

Dries Van Noten. I got them from Poste Mistress in Monmouth Street. They were the last ones in my size. I'm already quite tall and they make me stupidly tall - I feel as if I'm wearing stilts.

Describe your style.

I don't like to look too neat. On TV I wear dresses mostly. If I'm not wearing a dress, then I'm always wearing jeans and band T-shirts. I have doubles of everything because I keep buying the same thing. I have lots of cable-knit cardigans and a variety of blazers.

On what occasion do you think you looked your best?

Annoyingly, looking my best always happens when I'm on my own at night and I'm about to go to sleep. I never think I look that nice. I prefer it when I look like a boy to when I have to dress up like a girl.

How long does it take you to get dressed?

Not very long, about 20 minutes. I usually just put on trousers and whatever I've been wearing in bed. My cupboards are ridiculous. I've got too many clothes and not enough space, so I forget what's at the back of my wardrobe and I end up wearing the same thing for months, while the rest gets pushed further and further back.

Tell me about your jewellery.

The bird thing is a kaleidoscope. I bought it from the kids' department in Harvey Nichols, and the fruit watch-necklace is by Marc Jacobs. I had a wolf ring that I used to wear every day. The best person in the world gave it to me, but then we fell out massively and since then I've lost it. It's heartbreaking.

Whose style do you admire?

I'm kind of obsessed with the Olsen twins. I find them amazing because they look like little well-dressed animals.

What would you never wear?

Probably a unitard. And I don't like T-shirts that are cut for girls.

What's your grooming routine?

I'm definitely low maintenance, but I need liquid eyeliner with me at all times so I look more like a cat. Without makeup, I look about five.

How much time and energy do you spend shopping?

My life is one ongoing shopping trip. I can always manage to find something to buy - if I'm in an airport, I'll buy one of those dog-breed bags or something. Yesterday I bought a hat. When I leave my house to get a coffee, I end up wandering into a nearby vintage shop and buying something I don't really need, or already have.

Are you happy with the way you look?

I am now, yes. When I was young I wanted to be blond. I was gutted that I had dark hair. When I was modelling, I always wanted to look like another girl, because you were always being given reasons why you didn't get something, such as "If you were two inches taller ... " or, "If you were blond ... " but now that doesn't matter. I'm happy I cut my hair off because I felt like a dog in a wig before. I want to feel as if I'm wearing a shorter wig. I want to look like Natalie Portman in Leon.